Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink Review

Energy drinks have looked better than this, a can cluttered with certifications and words but absent of fun or excitement. Their slogan, "Power of Nature," is a decent one however, but that alone does not make up for its corporate feel and lack of personality.

Although sponsoring the same juice blend of the previously reviewed lite variety, this 112 calorie version outperforms with its mainstream sweetness and better balancing. Elderberry plays first, a bittersweet savor blended perfectly into the pomegranate, a sweeter and slightly more tart fruit. The two's identification is obvious but thick with blazon distinctions of cranberry and apple and others, bringing brilliant dimension to each sip. The aforesaid are livened with a familiar citrus sourness, giving the otherwise berry dominate beverage a broader produce profile.

The caffeine content here is 135 milligrams (from guarana, green tea and coffee beans), up from the eight five of the waist watching Lite version. The kick neared two hours; nothing unavailable elsewhere. All in all, Scheckter's Organic Energy tastes great for sure, but at a small eight ounces it is a hard sell.

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