Saturday, September 29, 2012

XS Classic Blast Energy Drink Review

This can is actually quite decent, with the ordinarily bleak bare aluminum working well with the blue graphic. It does feel a tad compressed, with a considerable amount going on, however the bright logo jumps off of the colors and out of the text with good verve. I am concerned on the accused flavor "Classic," as the line has not exactly been the best tasting one.

The flavor is nothing but a maddeningly bland Red Bull clone, albeit with misguided idiosyncrasies that only give the experience a rushed and awkward feel. First off is the sourness; initially non-existent with a touch of medicinal bitterness instead. Things do eventually become tart as ounces are coerced, but it is a chemical creation unfun to the tongue. A less acute acidity would averagely be applauded, however such an austere abatement leaves a flavor uncharacteristically apathetic. Speaking of flavors, there is only vanilla honestly present, with perhaps some diluted citrus for purposed complexity. This leads us to the next problem outside the obvious one-dimensional taste; the vanilla itself. It is slightly alcoholic which tastes about as good as it sounds. The assumed cause is the beverage's tripe sweetness, woefully weak and also conceivably the cause for the aforementioned adulterated acerbity. Overall, XS Classic Blast is anything but what the name suggests.

Caffeine (124.5mg), B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, and its special herb blend are the ingredients to mention, an energy cocktail obviously made by a noob bartender. The buzz lasted something under two hours, unfortunately typical for the line. In the end, XS Classic Blast may be bad, but it at least takes a risk or two.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this review obviously drank it through their nose because everyone I've had try it said it was far better than red bull and said it was really good.

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