Monday, April 10, 2017

Kaffn8 Liquid Caffeine Review

Kaffn8 comes back to us in the same bottle but with an updated sticker, this time looking far more svelte than before. Its logo is more mature, there is more movement and even a few little coffee beans offering our eyes something more than just text. But there still is too much writing, particularly the "benefits of Kaffn8" portion of the design, which would have been more appropriate on a press-release than on the packaging.

Throughout the days following the arrival of Kaffn8, my eager digits were splashing the caffeinated Adam's ale into just about everything, from half an ounce into a batch of chocolate chip pancakes (homemade, and covered of course by the best grade A dark amber), where the sweetness of the breakfast delight masked any bitterness the energized elixir brought to the batter. A bowl of cocoa puffed rice, the kind sold in bags rather than boxes, covered 150 milligrams of caffeine rather fine, melting into the chocolate and never allowing its inherent bitterness from ruining my breakfast. But a packet of oatmeal, you know, the one with the guy on the box, sacrificed its flavor to the fourth ounce's bitterness; several sachets of sugar were called in as backup, and only then were the oats safe for my tongue.

A fourth of an ounce mixed swimmingly into a diet NOS, which true caffeine junkies will know used to contain 100 milligrams more of my namesake chemical, so although I would advise against adding more caffeine to a caffeinated drink, I was simply evening the playing field. Grocery store Kroger's Diet Citrus Drop, their play on Mtn Dew, masked a fourth of an ounce with ease, under its feisty effervescence and acute saccharinity. Earl Grey tea, black, not creamed, is a fantastic mixer, masking the bitterness in that of its own and slight citrus nuance.

You control the amount you put in, and on average, a 100 milligrams of caffeine provides roughly an hour and a half long kick. You can do the math from there. Overall, Kaffn8 remains a terrific product, fully executing its novel premise, only now with a far better looking label.

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