Thursday, December 23, 2010

FRS Low Cal Wild Berry Energy Drink Review

FRS Low Cal Wild Berry's slim twelve oz. can stays true to the earlier varieties of the line, however I much appreciated the soft purplish colour and white more so than any past orange and white. I feel the two colours oddly compliment the other well, but while I'm fairly impressed with most the colour scheme, I'm not so impinged by the can as a whole. The amount of text is unnecessarily cluttering, and the design just doesn't convey a real sense of energy. I do, although, like the obscured berries within the bottom half of the can, but the more I look at it the more I see an impersonal, corporate energy drink can.

FRS Low Cal Wild Berry's taste begins with a thick fluid that's flavoured adequately of red grape and blueberry. The two just former are tasted juxtaposing, and while the actual flavours do not blend, their proceeding tangs do in fact braid together. Neither is predominate, rather both are of equal strength, but the two are in fact unpleasant artificial tasting representations of their respected fruits. The two, however separate they are initially, do eventually begin to blur together thanks to a mushy pomegranate taste that is stitched to both the grape and the blueberry. This duel stitching feels as if its intent was to marry the fruits into one flavour that's richly complex, but the actual result is one shrouded in insipidness. By this point the hybrid tang is removed mostly from taste, and what follows the flavour now is a diluted finish that's heavily monotonous. The drink's sweetness is enjoyably mild overall and is enough to honey the fruits capably, but it is distinctly synthetic tasting and isn't as robust as it should be. In the end, FRS Low Cal Wild Berry didn't surprise me with a worthwhile flavour and instead met my expectations of a worthless one.

I've labeled the past three FRS's as weak, and Wild Berry isn't going to escape that fate. I had less than an hour of energy that was weak in strength, but was at least jitterless. Each can contains: caffeine(forty eight mg), vitamin C, quercetin, green tea, and several B vitamins. In the end, FRS Low Cal Wild Berry has all the fixings of a poor energy drink; a boring can, unimaginative taste, and weak kick.

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