Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hype MFP Energy Shot Review

Hype MFP has probably been my least favourite variety in the Hype line, and so my hopes for success with it in shot form are not high. Its bottle is a slightly larger than normal two point five oz. one that's surprisingly well done. Although it's greatly akin to the full scale MFP, I feel the smaller size improves the design's attempt at sophistication and elegance. However, the font that "shot" is written in, I feel, lessens a solid level of polish off the overall appearance, as it's simply too cartoon-like for the rest of the bottle.

Hype MFP Shot's scent reminds me heavily of a certain flavour that many low end brands utilize(any guesses?). The flavour begins light in actual taste, with only a slight vanilla noticeable, but the fluid's sweetness is defined well and to a palatable degree. As the flavour progresses the vanilla appears atop a weaker pineapple taste that brings forward a sickly level of sugar that surfaces into the above flavour. The sweetness is grainy without texture and treacly with partial syrupiness, and the vanilla slowly adorns a note of artificial blueberry. This new fruit tastes obviously synthetic, but the sweetened vanilla gives it a buttery creaminess that falsely alludes to a natural authenticity. The creamy berry flavour expels a severe gummy bubble gum taste that doesn't add a level of quality, and instead only needlessly adds more clutter to the drink's body. The experience closes with a brute and anticlimactic clashing of all the prior mentioned flavours and tastes, and as a result sipping is palsied and difficult to do smoothly. Overall, Hype MFP's flavour didn't seamlessly translate into a shot very well, and while it's far from bad tasting, it wasn't one that I'd go back and drink solely for the taste.

My energy level was raised decently and fairly quickly, and it grew for around an hour, peaking at a familiar level. It then continued for another hour an a half or so, and when it ended there wasn't a crash. Each bottle contains: caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and several B vitamins. Overall, although Hype MFP Energy Shot didn't break new grounds, it did break the line's steady mediocrity.
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