Friday, December 3, 2010

FRS Low Cal Citrus Pomegranate Energy Drink Review

FRS Low Cal Citrus Pomegranate, out of the entire line, is the one that I'm looking forward to the most, if only for promise of a unique taste. Its can is vaguely different from the previous FRS, but the colour choice red really works with balancing with the white top, and the graphic within the crimson is far more noticeable than with the prior variety. The text is still a major problem, though, cluttering much of the white section, and the flavour indication "citrus pomegranate" doesn't help the issue, especially when they could have simply shortened the latter to just "pom."

Smooth with a diluted creaminess, the flavour begins with a simple orange taste that has a slightly pulp textured empennage. There's quickly the addition of a deeper pomegranate that's unfortunately missing an appropriate tartness. It has a nearly organic quality to it that's unpleasant mostly but it does give it a realistic edge over the initial fruit. A disinteresting cherry skims the overall taste of the liquid, and it contains mocking hints of an equally banal cranberry. The two lack a strong self identity, and they struggle to obtain focus from the stronger pomegranate, but this does provide a stem of depth to the more powerful fruit. There's a dull sweetness to the entirety of the experience that doesn't taste artificial but it doesn't taste authentic, and instead feels almost like a boring cross between the two that fails at doing its job. All the fruits of the flavour favoured mimicking their inspirations synthetically, but the experience's lack of sweetness prevents them from taking the candied route and instead they just taste boringly fake. Overall, FRS Low Cal Citrus Pomegranate's taste disappointed me with its under brewed taste that lacked much of any clear focus.

FRS's energy blend and me do not have a positive history, however short it is, and Citrus Pomegranate doesn't change a thing. I had a weak buzz clocking in under an hour, and there were no jitters or crash. Each can contains: caffeine(forty eight mg), vitamin C, green tea, several B vitamins, and vitamin E. In the end, FRS Low Cal Citrus Pomegranate's slightly better can makes it only slightly better than almost terrible Low Cal Orange.

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