Tuesday, December 7, 2010

rip it Sugar Free F Bomb Energy Drink Review

rip it Sugar Free F Bomb is (obviously) the sugar free arrangement of rip it F Bomb, and while both are drinks that I've been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to review, Sugar Free's can isn't specifically what excites me. The label design itself is typical of the line, and although so is the colour druthers towards silver, the miscellany of lesser colours feel like they were placed aimlessly instead of in an organized fashion. The billed flavour isn't blunt but rather suggested to be a variation of fruit punch, which to me seems fairly pedestrian, especially when considering the line's unique flavour history.

rip it Sugar Free F Bomb's taste begins boldly with a firm degree of a slightly powdery lime who's candied surprisingly authentically. The sweetness lacks any notion of artificiality and instead is thickly robust. The lime does, however, have a parody sourness to it that gives the flavour an implication of falseness. Decent strength notes of equally feign cherry and guava follow with careful awareness that they're just notes and not something larger, and they increase the fake quality initially ignited by the former. The just prior fruits do not braid into one but are in fact complementing. There is a spurious shadow of an alloyed grape and blueberry that produces depth for the otherwise basic flavour, but unfortunately they pool together their substitute sweetness and inject it into the overall flavour body. By this point the entirety of the experience is synthetic to the taste, and as a result there's a distinct lack of satisfaction as your current sip finishes its trek across your taste buds. The drink's carbonation was enjoyably virile and it mirthfully hemmed up along the edge of your mouth. Overall, rip it Sugar Free F Bomb's flavour was easy to foretell and almost boring, but as a replacement for regular fruit punches it was fairly enjoyable.

Each can contains: caffeine(178mg), taurine, guarana, vitamin C, inositol, and several B vitamins. My level of energy was adequately strong and consistent with the line; three and a half plus hours of jitter free energy that was also crash free. All in all, F Bomb Sugar Free is a weaker entry in the rip it line than what I'm used to and to what I expected.

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