Thursday, December 9, 2010

CranEnergy Raspberry Energy Juice Review

No, it's not Cranergy anymore, but instead CranEnergy, which I honestly feel is more cumbersome to say. The former just flows better and doesn't sound jumbled together. CranEnergy Raspberry's bottle is a large thirty three point eight oz.'s and only ran me $1 at Wal Mart, so while it isn't the best I've seen, it at least seems like a good value. The label design itself has not only been cleaned up since we last saw it with Cranberry Lift but it also looks a lot more professional. True, the bottom text is unnecessarily cluttered, but the large size of the label in contrast with the small size of the writing prevents it from really causing trouble. The water gushing into the raspberry looks modern and goes well with the gray top. But if there was one thing that I would change, it would be the large "Ocean Spray" logo, as it clashes with the contemporary look. And if it must be present, it shouldn't be so intrusive.

The taste initially is watery and has a distinct plastic taste to it. Thankfully, it gains a mild but authentic raspberry flavour, who's tartness is far more indirect than it's naturally. Its sweetness, however, is a bit more prominent and it casually allows a transition of focus onto a new to appear cranberry. It escorts a heavier tartness than before, and it pacifies the previous sweetness, which results in the cranberry tasting a bit more like the actual fruit than its commonly sweetened juice. But this realistic mannerism is destroyed as a sudden cresting of sweetness reassigns the direction of the fruit back to that of sweetened juice. This sugar rising is mild to the senses but major to the flavour, as it's fairly low-key overall, and it ushers along a slightly bitter tartness that's able to allay much of the attention on the prior sweetness. The previous closes with a sour bite that is brief but notable to mention. All in all, while CranEnergy Raspberry's flavour initially tastes of plastic, it soon becomes a good example of controlled depth and complexity.

CranEnergy isn't shy of its low caffeine content, actually, it appears to be quite proud of it, as it conveniently features a chart showing how it compares with other drinks. Fifty five mg per eight oz. is its content, and as I progressed to the bottom of the bottle, I began to notice my energy level rising at a slow pace. Once bottom was reached, my degree of energy was that of a typical sixteen oz. energy drink, and the jitter free kick lasted for around three hours. I didn't crash, and while the buzz was akin to most drinks, it was only because of its large size. Other ingredients include: vitamin C and several B vitamins. Overall, CranEnergy Raspberry is a stronger, though not kick-wise, drink than its predecessor.

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