Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crunk Grape Acai Energy Drink Review

Grape Acai is the last traditional drink in the Crunk line, and like the previous Crunk, Mango Peach, it ran me $2.49. Never being a big fan of the Crunk design, Grape Acai's can doesn't try hard to change my mind. There's still various lines of text that aren't necessarily meaningful, and they not only clutter the can but they also make it simply too crowded looking. There's little in the form of a background pattern, which is fortunate as it would of just added more busyness, and thus more for me to complain about.

Crunk Grape Acai starts with a deeply organic and richly complex red grape that begins slow but quickly explodes to a much more potent interpretation of itself. The grape acts with heavy depth by having a candied tartness underline its latter half, and the initial organic characteristic isn't unpleasant and it provides a stark sweetness wholly complementing to the fruit. The sugariness does withhold a tad of syrupiness, which despite being mild is still a bit adverse. A green grape taste calmly births from the former candied tartness, and it emits a low level of sourness that's entirely accepted by the stronger surroundings. A nether braid between granny smith apples and sugared strawberry's tumor off the sourness initially, and eventually fully separate from their place of origin. The three just prior fruits act in providing intricacy to the dominate red grape, and along with the fluid's frothy and full bodied carbonation, the flavour body is undividedly salubrious. Overall, despite not being in one of my favourite flavour genres, Grape Acai is easily the best tasting of the Crunk line.

Crunk Grape Acai provided a solid buzz lasting around three and a half hours that was laced with occasional jitters and wasn't proceeded by a crash. Each can contains: caffeine(192mg), guarana, inositol, gingko, vitamin C, and a variety of B vitamins. In the end, as the final Crunk energy drink, Grape Acai ended the pentalogy on a stronger note than what the line is used to.

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