Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eric's Vanilla Energy Cola Review

The gold is mighty appropriate and it superficially looks good, but the more you focus on it the more it appears washed out. However with it being such a rare colour to be used, the latter is partially forgiven and the bottle can be rather enjoyable. It unfortunately isn't nearly as sparkly as former varieties, but thankfully it doesn't acquire the same truck stop vibe that was given off by the previous flavours.

There's a lot of cream to Eric's latest flavour, and the sweetness is not only laudably crafted, but the use of honey gives the experience a densely treacle and mildly organic bite. The actual flavour is an explicit vanilla that's substantially authentic and the richness that is demonstrated is felicitously overwhelming. This, in addition to the almost excessive saccharinity, causes the fluid to imaginably thicken as it caravans athwart the tongue. Given though that vanilla is the solitary taste, it fortuitously avoids a banal complexion by exhibiting a subtle depth that isn't unlike sugared extracts of the orchid itself. The twelve ounces delightedly go down quickly, which does inhibit it from being excessive or becoming a chore. Overall, Eric's Vanilla Energy Cola is by no means of the latter, though it does flaunt a certain involved component, and despite being completely genial to taste, it didn't illustrate anywhere near the degree of intricacy that the line had us expecting.

There's only two hours worth of energy per bottle, which is caused by the rather meager ingredient cocktail: caffeine, vitamin B3, guarana, and ginseng. All in all, Eric's Vanilla Energy Cola tastes quite good even if it does disappoint, but the rest of the product isn't as mildly impressive.

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