Friday, July 1, 2011

Neutron Sugar Free Citrus Energy Drink Review

Neutron Sugar Free Citrus looks practically identical to the previous variety, with the only changes being the light green becoming something more of a yellow, and the minor addition the topmost word. This means that the can is just as visually uninspired and immature as the aforementioned, as the simple additions do nothing to fix the line's pictorial mistakes.

Mango and orange are the only two fruits that shine out of an otherwise foggy experience. The orange is mild to the tongue and isn't exactly suitably tart or sweet, but it does permeate a sourness that isn't really punishing and is only notably stark for the rather benign citrus it garnishes. The mango is tart and positively tangy, though neither particularity is as pronounced as it should be. The fruits are married happily and are entirely complementary, though thanks to the general indistinctness it's hard not to detect the deuce as one. The background to the pair is a triumvirate of bland and confused tastes; apple, grapefruit, and vanilla. The equal part collage is actually more complex than it appears, though it isn't because it's carefully crafted but because the included are sort of and surprisingly germane. The carbonation is fierce but pleasingly so, as the roughness seems to depreciate any artificial sweetener aftertaste to nothing but just another meager imperfection. Overall, Neutron Sugar Free Citrus is laudably creative and thoroughly enjoyable, even if it doesn't always succeed.

Each can contains: caffeine(180mg), guarana, taurine, inositol, and miscellaneous B vitamins. The kick was three and a half or so hours long and was jitter free, and while there wasn't a crash, the decline of energy was actually fairly sharp. In the end, Neutron Sugar Free Citrus runs for sixty cents at Big Lots, and though it never feels tired, it does occasionally lose focus and stray from the racetrack.

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