Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outburst Chocolate Peanut Energy Bites Review

Outburst Chocolate Peanut looks almost no different from the previously reviewed Milk Chocolate variety, with the only real dissimilarity being the text describing the flavour. But this isn't much of an issue, actually, since the design really only consists of the large logo seen above, you begin to identify the line with the stylized brand name. And since the emblem leaves little room for much else, the box doesn't ever become optically empty, and you end up being more distracted with the lack of any clear indication as to what the product actually looks like rather than pondering boringly over the container's visuals.

Unsurprisingly, Outburst Chocolate Peanut resembles the popular Peanut M&M treat, and the flavour isn't far off. The orange sugar shell is remarkably thin and adds a welcome crunch before you're exposed to a thicker layer of milk chocolate. The latter is soft and smooth, and it melts divinely on the tongue, though it sadly displays the same unfortunate cheapness that plagued the previous variety and much of what labels itself as only flavoured of the such. It certainly feels good but it doesn't really taste good, but chocolate auspiciously isn't the main focus of the experience nor does it really dictate the actual flavour. Hidden inside like the aforementioned Mars made confection, there's a little peanut half that initially crunches and subsequently creams, and this dually exaggerates the initial crispiness and imbues more fattiness into the chocolate, thus intensifying its already lardaceous attribute. As a result and as a whole, Outburst Chocolate Peanut far outshines its immediate predecessor and actually tastes like what a real candy should.

One must show some strong self control if they're to keep themselves from eating the whole box, and apparently the Caffeine King lacks this sort of restraint. Punishment was dished out in the form of a solid four hour buzz that commenced quickly but ended calmly. Each box contains: 240mg of caffeine, a few B vitamins, and taurine. Overall, Outburst Chocolate Peanut stands proudly on both feet, where as its sibling could only timorously balance on one leg.

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