Monday, June 13, 2011

Outburst Milk Chocolate Energy Bites Review

Outburst Milk Chocolate's initial uniqueness is found with the self labeling as an energy bite, which isn't something that's seen everyday let alone experienced. The sure-to-be-little candies are contained in a black box that's absent of many visuals, though since the hearty logo doesn't bore the eyes, the graphic deficiency isn't audacious.

Each individual bite isn't soft like anticipated, and instead the spherical candies are hard and fairly crispy, much like the famed Crunch or the ill fated Krackel bar. The confection melts easily and cleanly, and the solid confiture soon softens to a buttery consistency with no sort of oily texture or mouth feel. The sweetmeat is actually chocolate rather than simply flavoured of the such, though the quality of the cocoa confectionery isn't as laudable as something out of Germany, and instead is comparable to the such bought at discount stores. Don't fall under the impression that it is a compound chocolate, to which Outburst tastes far better than, but it should be noted that caliber isn't anywhere near as high as what this taster is used to. The most commendable aspect could be the vacancy of bitterness, but this technically isn't too surprising given that each ball only contains a small twenty milligrams of caffeine. But while the antecedent isn't detectable, there is an unpleasant earthy pungency that's mild but ever so destructive to the overall enjoyment. It never overwhelms the consumer and chocolate always remains the dominating flavour, but sadly there is certainly more sacrifice to an already cheap tasting experience.

Perhaps I was a bit too hard on the flavour, as it was definitely difficult not to eat the entire box, which in turn provides an impressive 240 mg of caffeine, and although taurine and a few B vitamins also appear, their presence is not nearly as appreciated. The kick lasted four hours, with minor jitters and a slight crash. In the end, Outburst Milk Chocolate was the first time something of the such was encountered, which does permit some faults to be forgiven that wouldn't otherwise be overlooked.

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