Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kronik Low Carb Vengence Energy Drink Review

Kronik Low Carb Vengence's green on silver scheme of colours is well balanced and attractive, and while a bit busy, the can doesn't appear to be distracted or cluttered. But the can has two lines of text that to me fail to make sense, with the first being the subname "Vengence." Why it's incorrectly spelled is beyond me, and what it implies in terms of flavour is as well. The other mystery is the bottom line that warns that the product may cause appetite suppression. Yes, what the statement means literally is clear, but whether or not they're being silly or serious isn't defined.

Well perhaps the word Vengence means Red Bull clone in another language, because that's what my taste buds were greeted by. The taste is unsurprising in that it's a heavy facsimile to your typical energy drink with the typical energy drink taste, but with the fact of low carb in your mind, it's really well done, in that respect. Deep vanilla influences onto a strong granny apple flavour that tastes natural but is honeyed thickly. Blunt carbonation distracts you from any undesired artificial sweetener taste, and because of this the false sugars candy the fruit well and in an impressively authentic fashion. There's a respectful tartness that understands how to properly complement the apple that's justly noticeable within the fizzy bubbles. There's a fair gummy characteristic that acts secondary to the flavour as a whole, but it spends most of its time dwelling casually in the effervescent froth. Overall, Kronik Low Carb Vengence is acceptable tasting and far from a chore to finish, but it's ultimately uninspired.

Each can contains: caffeine(150mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, several B vitamins, and vitamin C. Once fully finished consuming the contained liquid, my energy level began to raise slowly. It peaked just below three hours, and from then on it was down hill, albeit gradually. Overall, Kronik Low Carb Vengence is one of those energy drinks that does little new and really only what has been done before, but it does the latter with a decent understanding of how to do it well.

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