Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stacker 2 Java Shot Mojo Mocha Energy Shot Review

Java Shot Mojo Mocha Energy has occupied local Dollar Tree shelves for quite some time, but they interested me very little, even when they became two for one buck. The main reason for the incuriousness was the apathy for the overarching Stacker 2 line, and though my enthusiasm for the brand is still weak, I did eventually pick up several varieties for review. Mocha's label is appropriately brown, though that is about all that's suitable. The generality of all the text, such as font and size, feels incongruous, with the statement "Java Shot" looking generically corporate, and the "Mojo Mocha" appearing boringly cartoony.

The flavour is flat out suffering from the sad fate of being a shot, but at the same time the small size allows the personal displeasure to be fairly short. The taste is poorly based on coffee, with it advertising very little in terms of complexity and robustness, outside a subsequent forcing of mocha. This area is more admirably fabricated than was the former, with it featuring a decent sweetness and milk creaminess, though these two qualities are stinted considerably when compared to the energy coffee you're used to. Now what ultimately disables enjoyment is a prevailing bitterness that's only partially befitting to the popular morning favourite, as it doesn't taste naturally caused or incorporated. Instead it burns chemically and strongly, and this blazes passionately especially concerning large gulps, though it's present with even the small cautious sip. There's also a rather amaroidal acidity that caustically ferments more vexation into the experience, though the main irritant still remains the bitterness. Overall, the most apposite name possible certainly isn't "Mojo Mocha," but rather "So Not Mocha," as the product's disgusting ruining of such a seemingly simple flavour is almost amazingly terrible.

There's a pretty good increase of energy, and though it only lasted under two hours, it initiated quite quickly. Each bottle contains: caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and yerba mate. Overall, Stacker 2 Java Shot Mojo Mocha will absolutely not change my middling opinion of the line, and if anything, it will likely reduce it.

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