Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hydrive Black Cherry Extra Strength Energy Drink Review

With a suggested flavour like black cherry, utilizing both red and black as the main colours is not only logical but naturally appealing, and the duo gives the bottle a grim edginess that's otherwise been ignored by the line. The exiguous appearance of white bounces off its general opposite, and the seemingly trivial usage of yellow becomes such a positive complementary to the otherwise pleasurably morose design. The sentence exclaiming the product's increased caffeine content, unfortunately, is stylized intentionally, though it unintentionally feels out of place on such a sullenly sophisticated label.

The initially tasteless fluid quickly becomes sodden with a rather rich flavour of the obvious, and as this saturation occurs, the prunus serotina becomes momentarily candied. It's immensely ephemeral and it quickly ripens into the expectedly robust description of the fruit. It now demonstrates a gentle tartness as well as mellow notes of earth, and it's presently invariably creditable to the flavour of an actual black cherry. The contained six grams of sugar works alongside sucralose to provide sweetness, and though the verisimilitude is certainly and detectably impaired, it is not outright glaring or crippled because of it. But with the temporary delay in ignition, the overall flavour feels as if it's just shy of reaching its complete aptitude, and the brusque mutation from its original confection state into its current authentic illustration definitely doesn't help one to indulge each sip. This doesn't, however, determine as to whether or not the experience is an enjoyable one, as it absolutely is, but with such strict competition concerning cherry flavoured products, it takes a near perfect mimicking to achieve the greatest praise.

Each bottle contains: caffeine(195mg), various B vitamins, taurine, and L-arginine. The advertised improvement over former flavours is felt and appreciated, but not necessarily groundbreaking. The kick inclined from lasting two hours to just under four, and the general potency of it was unquestionably magnified. All in all, Hydrive Black Cherry Extra Strength is acutely good, and though it's an overall improvement over past varieties, the taste wasn't the best portrayal of the fruit.

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Avery Hage said...

Just some constructive criticism, using sophisticated vocabulary in your post doesn't make it better by any means. For instance, what on earth is prunus sertina or versimilitude. I'm not intending it to be offensive, I'm just saying I shouldn't need a PhD to understand it.

-Avery Hage

Philip Michael said...

Well, I doubt those with a PhD would subject themselves to all the caffeine and chemicals of energy drinks.

But on a serious note, I utilize such eloquence not because it feels smart to do so, but because with so many similar products, and after writing so many reviews, it becomes monotonous using the same words over and over again. For this I apologize.

Oh, and just so you know, prunus serotina is the scientific name, if you will, for black cherries, and the word verisimilitude references to the authenticity of something.

Avery Hage said...

I understand, but you have to understand your demographic. The people reading your blog are generally 16-24 year olds, who may be confused by the sophisticated vocabulary. Just have fun with it like I do. It doesn't need to be a formal piece of writing.

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