Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucozade Orange Energy Drink Review

Lucozade Orange comes in a much smaller bottle than did the previous variety reviewed years ago, but the design has been slightly altered and for the better. Yes, at times it feels like there's too much orange colouring, but with such a flavour it's understandable, and the inclusion of ascending bubbles now give the eyes something to appreciate. The prior label actually looked quite boring, and though this newer look isn't quite exceptional, the improvement is certainly recognized.

The optically apparent citrus is casually but generously sweetened, and the sugar faintly bites the tail of the palate late in the experience in a pleasing fashion. The general saccharinity is potent enough for the utilized flavour, and although it is starkly descried, it is never overwhelming nor does it exceed the typical expectations set by similar tasting sodas. The fruit isn't exactly authentically molded, but there is an enhancing tartness that gives it its only realistic attribute. There's a sourness present as well, though it's far milder, and it seems to focus more on cavorting nicely with the well balanced acidity of the beverage. The carbonation was effervescently playful, and though it was explicit with each sip it, it didn't censor any of the overall smoothness. All in all, Lucozade's orange flavouring is honorably crafted and easily pleasurable.

Well, each twelve plus ounces is .012% caffeine, which converts to a meager forty six milligrams. That and the fifty eight percent of your daily intake of sugar makes up the entire energy cocktail, and in turn there was only a kick lasting less than an hour. Jitters did become vaguely present, though they were mild, and there wasn't much of a crash. On the whole, Lucozade Orange isn't very impressive, even if there are some enjoyed aspects.

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