Friday, June 3, 2011

Java Mallows Review

Crestfallen am I, as Java Mallow is the final in the trilogy of caffeinated marshmallows by Caffex. This concluding variety is ocularly kindred to the prior two flavours, with the same libidinous lipstick stain and the same metagrobolizing bottoming statements. They latter, though, hasn't been corrected yet and understandably so, as the triad of confections were packaged together, which makes the improvement implausible to occur.

The pheromone released by the imperfectly shaped square would make any self respecting barista blush with pleasure. The taste is obviously of coffee, but it's lowly acidic and has an ambrosial bitterness that makes the eyes open rather than water. The ingredients proclaim various seasonings, but they're largely circumvented by the aforesaid. The espresso flavour is preponderately of the former pungency, along with subtle imbutions of burnt coffee, but the two are kept close to the yard by a sacchariferous leash. The general sweetness is remarkably meek but expectantly so, with its daunting task of regulating the bitterness. You're constantly tasting the cassonade, and every aspect of the palate experience is distinctly though verecundly sugared. Each dislodged chunk mollifies greatly and swiftly, though it always remains ever dense to chew but physically light on the tongue. Overall, Java Mallows isn't as exceptional as antecedent flavours mainly because it didn't provide the same euphoric surprise that was so bold with the initial variety.

280 milligrams of caffeine is a solid amount, for anything, and especially in such a diminutive consumable. The kick just barely missed out on the five hour mark, and it was strong to begin and strong throughout. In the end, and though it's sad but true, Java Mallows feel less like an individual extension of the line, and more like an adaptation of Coffee Mallow for the more ambitious.

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