Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Team Realtree Low Carb Energy Drink Review

Team Realtree Low Carb resembles its seemingly sugared twin immensely, and though there are certainly distinctions between the two, they're far too mild and consumers could purchase one mistaking it for the other, and this could be because camouflage all looks the same after only a quick glance. But the inherently unfocused pattern doesn't necessarily result in a cluttered can, as the eyes do easily locate what they should, and all the images of nature never really seize any attention.

Rather than basing its flavour off the original variety, Low Carb decides to take inspiration from something completely unrelated. It's predominately vanilla and though it proclaims an admiral creaminess, there are distracting notes of apple as well. But the fruit isn't very defined and isn't ever really spotlighted, and its general lack of tartness and authenticity should be identified. That isn't to say that it tastes candied, as the sweetness isn't discussed much outside the aforementioned milkiness, but its feeble saccharinity doesn't leave the fruit feeling incomplete or banal. It is, however, implied that the apple is detected simply to bring depth to the experience, as the involved vanilla isn't exactly the most complex of flavours. The interaction between the duo is playful and palatably interesting, as the two are generally involved heavily with Red Bull clones, and overall this uniqueness renders Team Realtree Low Carb as the highlight of the line.

The energy cocktail consists of taurine, caffeine, and various B vitamins. The kick lasted under three hours and was free of jitters and a crash. All in all, Team Realtree Low Carb doesn't taste like what one expected, and it can only be recommended for the novel, if not absurd, flavour.

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Anonymous said...

Team Realtree is a great series of energy and its not for city boys. thats a great slogan. i liked them all under my taste buds and when i recently purchased this drink at the local gas station i paid almost 3$ for a pile of trash. i first tasted coca cola then it was a type of root beer flavoring then it started to become cream soda. so i smelled the aluminum pint after tasting and you can defenitly smell the vinalla. i give it a 6/10 star

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