Friday, June 17, 2011

Sambazon Amazon Lo-Cal Energy Drink Review

Sambazon Amazon Lo-Cal is transported in a decent can that's understandably similar to the prior two varieties. The stark but cautiously used purple complements both the logo and the remaining colours, and though the white ripple effect into the silver adds visual depth, it veils some of the white writing from being noticed. There is one hiccup, but not necessarily flaw, which is the reduction of calories from 120 to only sixty, which is surely laughable compared to most, who usually clock in at no more than twenty. But this firm restraining from drastically cutting sugar, thus calories, was hopefully done to keep the flavour from suffering.

Disappointingly, the flavour does taste impaired from the misuse of sugars. There's a strong acai grasp onto everything, but it fails to keep this hold for long, as the anticipated bitterness gains control and it chokes the flavour. Its bitter fingers dig deep into the experience, which further allows each sip to taste thoroughly and internally influenced. As you muster through the pain, you begin to distract yourself by observing the other levels of the flavour, which are surprisingly enjoyable. In addition to the aforementioned superfruit, red grape and black cherry make appearances, though the latter only preforms something of a cameo. The eventual raisin taste has no sourness and is inadequately sweetened, but it unrelentingly feels robust to the tongue despite the lack of garnishing. Overall, though one surely does get used to it all, it never becomes pleasant and finishing the can feels like an unfortunately chore.

The vitamin C, guarana, and the eighty milligrams of caffeine doesn't successfully kick the way the can wants it to, though there weren't any jitters or a crash. The two hour buzz was mild and felt impotent, and the purity of the energy was lacking. Overall, Sambazon Amazon Lo-Cal, while still retaining half of the original varieties calories, isn't worth checking out and saving the just mentioned.

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