Sunday, June 19, 2011

Java Monster Toffee Energy Coffee Review

Java Monster Toffee is said to have replaced Nut Up in the line, however the two don't even have a similar supposed flavour, which leads me to believe that's actually the supplement for Russian, which had sort of a butterscotch/toffee flavour. But if it really substituted the latter, then its can has taken a turn for the worse, as it has now lost all its personality and unfortunately blends blandly with the other visually uninspired varieties.

My taste buds were kissed by the plump lips of both butterscotch and caramel. They're listed in order of appearance though the transition from one to the other is laudably seamless, and the organic fabrication is followed by the beverage's namesake hard crack sugar stage. The toffee has a slight burnt taste to it that plays well with the previously unstated though ultimately expectedly tame coffee flavour, and though the fluid feels delicately fatty to the tongue, neither distinct caramelization of sugar in the triune depict much of an unctuous attribute. But with all this sweet talking, if you will, the experience is surprisingly not overly saccharine, and because the number of grams of the sacchariferous crystal carbohydrates is retrained by the attendance of sucralose, there's sadly a sort of harsh chemical aftertaste that somehow distends mildly out of all the adiposity and flavour. Overall, my biggest grip with Java Monster Toffee's taste is certainly the unassuming presence of actual coffee taste, which dismally is such a common criticism with the line.

For a kick the drinker is subjected to a decently potent three hour buzz that didn't feature any jitters or crash. Each can contains: caffeine(160mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, vitamin C, inositol, and various B vitamins. In the end, though its flavour is rather complex, Java Monster Toffee is more confusing than its worth.

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