Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Shot Review

There's absolutely nothing special about the Red Bull Sugar Free shot bottle; it's a simple condensing of the popular low calorie beverage, though the small size certainly does reduce much of the barrenness that plagues the larger variety while still retaining the iconic imagery. But after so many years of looking at what so many have copied, your eyes do begin to grow tired.

Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Shot's lack of carbonation renders it as almost refreshing, and the flavour is a surprisingly palatable blend of the expected, namely sour apple and gummy vanilla. But perhaps it's incorrect of me to declare just the vanilla as gummy and the just the apple as sour, as the overall experience seems to be deeply influenced by them both. Neither, though, render anything as particularly interesting and actually a glaring problem with the flavour is its distinct pallidness, but this was unfortunately expected so it thankfully doesn't surprise. As for the authenticity of either the fruit or the spice, well, the flavour would rather we not talk about it, as neither taste is the least bit carefully crafted. But honestly speaking, shot are not designed with deep flavours or to be wildly fun to consume, they're designed to be ingurgitated as quickly as possible, and the best are the ones that don't make it hard to do just that. And without any real bitterness or deal breaking problems, Red Bull Sugar Free's taste gets a passing grade.

Each bottle contains: taurine, caffeine(80mg), various B vitamins, and inositol. It provided a rather weak buzz that didn't last past the two hour mark, however it was a smooth kick that didn't crash. All in all, Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Shot is a logical extension and is undeniably fairly decent, and though it accomplished all that it set out to do, which was to create a sugarless shot using the prolific flavour, I can't help but wish they longed for more.

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