Saturday, June 25, 2011

Extreme Impulse Energy Drink Review

The alleged extremeness of Extreme Impulse only seems to be explained by the rather uninformative "triple the energy" sentence. The only explicit ingredient amounts detailed are the vitamins it contains, not the caffeine or even the herbal supplement content, and the same quantity seems to of been used for the regular Impulse, which means the vague aforementioned statement is as confusing as it is tenebrous. But if concerning the actual can, it doesn't make all too shabby of a first impression, though it is somewhat cluttered.

Extreme Impulse's taste is somewhat, if not somehow, refreshing, and it advertises a pulverulent lime that is far more tart than sour, though both do appear and the two effect the incontinent puckering that occurs slightly. The arenaceous citrus is crafted into the sort of middle grounds between authenticity and artificiality, and though it doesn't candidly adopt any characteristics, it certainly feel at least influenced by them. There's a sort of honeydew melon flavour that doesn't exactly interact with the lime, but their tastes do complement the other even if they feel obviously separate. White grape can be tasted but purely for the reason of extending the depth of the overarching lime. It does, though, permeate a sort of indirect acidity that sort of personalizes an otherwise familiar experience. Every sip is much too syrupy but I found myself actually enjoying the cloying sweetness. It gives further individuality, but sadly not enough to make the final sip feel like it will be the last until you crack open another can.

Extreme isn't what it used to be, as while there is definitely some kick to it, the buzz lasted just under four hours. Again, there's certainly some energy to be received, but it doesn't exactly live up to the promises. Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, various B vitamins, inositol, and vitamin C. In the end, Extreme Impulse is a mixed bag that oddly ends up hitting all my right spots, and even though the negatives are lucid, my eyes and taste buds didn't seem to care.

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