Saturday, October 8, 2016

GURU Organic Lite Energy Drink Review

GURU? Is that you? The same energy drink line I last reviewed in 2009? GURU Lite is the variety breaking the beverage's seven year break of appearing on the site, and was actually reviewed almost a decade ago. Its can has remained largely identical, with a more energetic and dynamic, although in the revamping process it launders the original's unique industrial design.

The flavor is exactly like how I remember it all those years ago, a citrusy sweet flavor that is heavy on an undercurrent of tartness and an abstracted nuance of red grapes. There is an organic bite to each of the twelve ounces, imbuing every imbibe with a nethermost pungency that works well with the drink's sweetness, realized by a mixture of cane syrup, three grams, and stevia. Having a lingering bitterness to it, its sugariness is not exactly distracting, however this unique experience could have benefited from a more mainstream saccharinity.

Each can contains: green tea, guarana, ginseng, and 142 milligrams of caffeine, crafting a two hour long buzz. Its a fine kick, nothing noteworthy, but completely serviceable. In the end, GURU Lite is a refreshing departure from most of this years energy drink offerings.

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