Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stacker 2 Sinful Citrus Energy Drink Review

Stacker 2 Sinful Citrus's can is an absolute improvement since we last saw it, and though it now looks fairly generic and unexciting, it's mostly clean and easy to optically follow. But it's difficult to ignore the boring appearance, but the change is wholly appreciated and almost surprising. The colour scheme of green and yellow certainly works, but the latter is far too dominate, and it feels disgustingly influenced by gold.

The product pours out an attractive but entirely unexpected teal that's oddly, if not inappropriately, pretty. The flavour is also thoroughly bewildering, and it's almost ashamedly pleasurable. Grapefruit is present but fairly mild, however the fruit seemingly supports a hollow frame of a bromidic ginger ale and a cursory lemon. The just prior is playfully braided with a lime, and they're equally beneficial of the others' presence. There's a certain tartness to each of the fruit that's deeply manipulated by a mild sourness and slightly syrupy sugariness. The sourness is feeble, but only initially, as it slowly and consistently augments, and by the time the experience passes you receive an enjoyable bite. Each of the mentioned flavours are simple but not insultingly so, although this is only if one examines the fruits as one taste and not as individuals. This ultimately allows for the most delectation possible, and by the time you're completed consumption, you're largely satisfied. All in all, Stacker 2 Sinful Citrus's flavour deserves much praise not because it's necessarily good, but because it is far better and more palatable than it used to be.

Each can contains: caffeine, inositol, taurine, and multiple B vitamins. The kick was a strong as it could be, and it lasted around an hour, which is the length one expects. Overall, Stacker 2 Sinful Citrus, as a whole, feels simply improved rather than evolved, with the small quantity and trite can causing question. It never quite becomes a worth while investment nor does it ever discover its place in the market, other than its obvious place on Big Lots' shelves.

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