Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kronik Vengence Energy Drink Review

Kronik Vengence is probably the best looking can in the line so far, with all of the three pieces of the colour scheme complementing each other, and the degree of detail isn't distracting nor is it congesting, as the eyes flow cleanly about the design. The beverage's slogan is also well done, though I do hope that wasn't the sole reason they chose the confusing name they did.

The taste of Vengence is strongly gummy upfront, with it tasting of an initially pleasantly sweet green apple that's emphatically sour but rather enjoyably so. There's also a sort of tart vanilla that's fairly indistinct that runs below the former, and it broadens the profile of the granny smith taste. The spherical fruit displays a sort of third party sharpness from what resembles pineapple, and this also deepens the robustness of the chief flavour. The pineapple doesn't directly make an appearance per se, but it does certainly feel spiritually involved. The fruit is sweetened considerably, and in addition to the aforementioned gummed nature, it avoids even the slightest ounce of realism in favour of expected candying. The saccharinity isn't initially syrupy, but with each subsequent sip the liquid grows more thickly viscid, and during the last few sips it reaches its apogee and becomes far too much. Overall, the Kronik line offers some reasonably unique flavours, even if they aren't all perfect, and so it's quite unfortunate for them to have produced such an unimaginative variety like Vengence.

Each can contains: caffeine(150), inositol, various B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, ginkgo, and taurine. The kick was usual for the line, with it lasting a modest two plus hours, and thankfully there wasn't a following crash. In the end, whether of not one should purchase Kronik Vengence depends on if they favour comfortable insipidness rather than originality.

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