Saturday, July 9, 2011

Steaz Berry Energy Drink Review

Steaz Berry's can is modestly sleek and is rather attractive, and the solid forest green is visually beguiling, especially with the infrequent white text and the single yellow image. But the colour scheme is far from the honest problem, which is the disarrayed bottom, with the dispensable text and the two unrequired ensigns being unfortunately present.

Though fragrantly enticing, Steaz Berry adversely tastes a bit worse. There are strong exclamations of apple and raspberry, and the former is a muddled blend of tart McIntosh and sweet Granny Smith. That isn't to say that there's much sugariness, as there certainly isn't, but the apple taste in particular feels more saccharine than anything neighboring. Lemon is deeply involved with the flavour complexion, though it isn't singularly detected, and it seems to instead deepen the taste of the apples, especially with its mild sourness. The raspberry tastes genuine by default of the impossibility of candying by the generally minor sweetness, but it doesn't appear to want this, as it doesn't exemplify a sturdy internal foundation with any natural characteristics. There's a explicit bitterness who feels wholly organic and is paired a with yerba mate taste that distracts partially, even if both are almost equally unsavory. Though it shouldn't really be named berry, and even with all its problems, this is easily the best tasting Steaz variety, and is one of the better tasting organic energy drinks I've had.

The 100mg of caffeine, various B vitamins, guarana, and vitamin C in each can provided an average strength kick that lasted two hours. All in all, Steaz Berry is unremarkable but mostly enjoyable, and it's certain to please its intended customers.

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