Monday, July 11, 2011

M-150 Energy Drink Review

Much like the downright stupid d'X Power, M-150's dissatisfactory can is corny and cliche to a fault, and the sheriff's badge with wholly trite statements is unbelievably boring and almost embarrassingly so. Though the name is quite decent in that it does actually sound like an energy drink, it has nothing to do with the aforementioned medallion, and neither are able to save or even distract from the humdrum yellow background.

The flavour is actually quite good, well at least better than expected. The non effervescent beverage tastes of an obtusely tart apple that's equally sour, and though the two characteristics are limited by the saccharinity, they allow the fruit to boast some otherwise ignored genuineness. The sugariness is plumply problematic in that it's syrupy and simply too much at times, though the latter is most distinct with later sips. The yellow fluid's utilized sucrose actually candies the dominate apple to the point where it doesn't taste like it's based on any particular variety, and it instead feels like a chemical interpretation of the popular fruit. There is a surprisingly pure lemon to the experience, and though it acts more alike a suggestion than a definite flavour, it doesn't appear to be influenced by any of the idiosyncrasies that burden the apple. The two fruits do honestly complement the other some, even if they feel as if they're separated by miles. Overall, M-150 tastes pretty good, but not good enough to really ever buy twice.

Each can contains: caffeine, inositol, taurine, and a few B vitamins. The kick was an hour a most, and was of middling strength, and there was a bit of a subsequent crash. Overall, M-150 fails as an energy drink, given its meager buzz, and it never really succeeds at being anything else.

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