Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hi Ball Cranberry Apple Energy Drink Review

Hi Ball Cranberry Apple was sold to me for an expensive $2.49, though the glass bottle and the innoxious design do give the product a rather sophisticated feel. But it certainly is cluttered, with the small real estate of the label being a crowd of both needed and needless sentences and statements.

Drunks and college folk can certainly laugh at me, but I really do struggle to pry of screw top caps. The flavour is definitely milder than your typical energy drink, and though both namesake fruits appear, they're displayed rather prosaically. The initial thing discerned is the sparkling carbonation that's harsh and rather unpleasant, and the actual flavour then moves into sight. The cranberry is the incipient fruit tasted, but unfortunately it is too improperly tart to be authentic and too unsweetened to be kindred to the juice cocktail form. The apple, though, does demonstrate some authenticity even though it's also lowly sugared, but it is thankfully saved from tasting awkwardly imperfect by a terminal cassonade bite that is also subterraneanly sour. The improving pleasantness of the later fruit absolutely changes my feeling of the general experience, and overall, Hi Ball Cranberry Apple is enjoyable even if it doesn't come close to justifying the price.

Each bottle contains: ginseng, caffeine(eighty milligrams), taurine, several B vitamins, and guarana. Not surprisingly the kick is meager and downright weak to any well accustomed energy drinker, and for what it is worth it was jitter free. In the end, Hi Ball Cranberry Apple feels more like a premium effervescent beverage than an energy drink.

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