Saturday, February 19, 2011

d'X Power Energy Drink Review

I find many things regarding d'X Power's can to be unsatisfactory if not down right confusing. First off, the name, d'X Power, doesn't convey energy nor is it clearly explain what it stands for. Perhaps d'X is the name of the red silhouette of a man, and this is his power. The second thing that I, at least, find confusing is the "export only" that nears the top rim of the can. Does it mean that this product is only available for export from it's place of origin, Thailand, or since it's already in America does it mean that it's only available for export from here? Who knows, and more importantly, who cares. The third problem with the can is the design itself, as it just screams foreign and it sorely stands out among other energy drinks for the wrong reason of being overtly different.

The non carbonated fluid pours out gold that's nearly identical to the colour of the can. The liquid is pleasantly sweet and heavily syrupy, however there's an avoidance of over saccharinity that prevents the syrupiness from being a bother. The actual flavour is mild, if anything, and tastes mostly of granny smith apples who are as gummy as any drink with such a flavour. There's only a slight amount of sourness to the greenish fruit, and the level of sugar seems to give the apple a faint sense of authentication that's otherwise ignored. A bland vanilla follows the apple closely and is brought along by a surging of unnecessary sweetness. The newly added sugar seems only to thick the fluid and cloy the palate to the point where it feels that it is artificially stitched to the experience, as both the initial taste and the later sugariness disagree with how candied it should be as a whole. This confection conflict isn't blunt nor does it disallow any enjoyment to be found within the experience, but it does partially surfeit each sip, and it's especially indubitable with the final few. The coagulated fluent is particularly easy to consume, which is incredulous given its stiffness, and it leaves little behind outside a gummy sweet trail. Overall, d'X Power's familiar flavour avoids complete redundancy only thanks to the lack of carbonation.

A can of d'X Power contains: taurine, caffeine, inositol, and several B vitamins. I had only an hour and a half of mild energy. I didn't feel jitters or a crash afterward, but what surprised me is the large 170 calories per can, which is far more than the usual 110 per eight ounces we're used to. In the end, d'X Power only individuality is its own pointless obscurity.

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alexandra the great said...

hands down funniest review i have ever read, looking at the can next to me just debating if i should drink it or not!

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