Monday, February 21, 2011

FRS Orange Energy Drink Review

I want to note that with this review I'm done with the FRS line of "energy" drinks. And while I couldn't be more excited, to retain professionalism I'll be trying to give this final beverage a fair chance. FRS Orange's can is much like any variety before it, and though things are rather strewn with text, namely the top section that houses the flavour indication, I feel that the black and the fairly dark orange really bond well in creating eye appeal. I like the faint gush of liquid and the orange peel that are mostly adumbrated within the large bottom half, as I feel they provides some pleasant detail, however it does sort of add to the can's total busyness.

FRS Orange's taste begins with a mild display of the namesake flavour. The fluid has a suitable degree of tartness for the fruit it garnishes, though I would have liked it to of been a bit more pronounced. The orange also possesses a sweetness that's both grainy and realistic, and the duplexing qualities of the sugar provide a stark caliber of multiplicity. There's a sour pinch to the orange as the fruit's posterior becomes discerned, as well as several complexing notes that are identified. Tangerine is the first additional taste that's distinguished, and it begins stitched to the initial flavour. It withholds its own unique tartness that's tinted of an appropriate tang, and it seems to of required a more flagrant saccharinity, however this causes a syrupy characteristic to materialize. As the tangerine wanes there's a white grape flavour that can be recognized in the interior of the syrupy idiosyncrasy. It mostly flavours the coarsely textured sugariness, and although other than a slightly singular tartness that it instills within the experience, it acquires no complementing attributes. Overall, I feel that FRS Orange's taste avails greatly thanks to the actual presence of sugar, and while it is easily the best in the line, it was nothing utterly spectacular.

Each can contains: caffeine(forty eight mg), green tea, quercetin, and multiple lettered vitamins. Unsurprisingly I was less than adequately energized, receiving a buzz lasting an hour at most, and although there were not any jitters or a crash afterward, it's hard to look past the severe feebleness of the kick. All in all, FRS Orange is what I feel to be the best variety in one of the most disappointing and useless lines of energy drinks.

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