Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Steaz Orange Energy Drink Review

The Steaz design has certainly become more pictorially pleasurable since my last encounter with it. It's now simply one solid color and the only graphic is of an outlined illustration. This actualizes a can that promotes its plainness in a fashion that's more elegant than anything, and because of it's quite obvious that the intended market for Steaz isn't of the typical. The can now also proclaims its organic quality fairly more modestly by placing the emblems against the bottom rim, however that's where the bulk of my problems lie. I feel that two crests is a bit too much, especially since between the two rests the phrase "all natural," and along with the listing of various ingredients and the flavour indication, things just become inappropriately busy when compared to the higher half of the can.

Steaz Orange's flavour is something of an acquired taste. It begins with both a mild saccharinity and bitterness, and as the orange appears it arrives in a much more languid state than expected. The quantity of sugar present is inadequate for the fruit it attempts to sweeten, however it is able to partially allay the indulgent presence of both the yerba mate and the tea. The two bitter friends are initially overwhelming but their narrowed pungency allows them to grow with time on the drinker, and eventually they're actually enjoyed by the aforementioned. The orange flavour is also insufficiently adorned by the degree of sourness I anticipate when I enjoy the juice of the spherical fruit, so while it does surely taste more natural than it does artificial, it isn't exactly accurately represented. There's a thin narration of lemon that plays well with the earthy bitterness and their parents, but it is particularly hale with that that's brought about by the green tea. But still, like the earlier orange, the lemon isn't admitted a congruous sourness, however since it harmonizes with the tea, it isn't such a problem nor is it as glaring. Steaz Orange utilizes sparkling water for effervescent effect, and the natural roughness of such aqua also helps the experience disembogue organic authenticity. Overall, while the flavour is one that began to pleasure over time, it was a bit too dissimilar than what I'm accustomed to drinking regularly.

Steaz Orange contains a slightly improved ingredient formulation: caffeine(100mg), various B vitamins, guarana, and vitamin C. For two and a half or so hours I had less of a kick and more of a mild mental elevation, which I wholly expected. Overall, Steaz Orange is much an improvement over the previous variety that I encountered, though I can't give it a complete recommendation simply because it's too different from what many may appreciate.

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