Friday, February 25, 2011

Eric's Famous Goji Berry Energy Cola Review

Wait, if its full subname is Goji Berry Energy Cola, does that mean that this variation of Eric's Famous is a goji berry flavoured cola? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised, given that the last variety I reviewed was a concoction of cola, root beer, and cream soda. Goji Berry features the same truck stop-like design that I criticized on the previous line aberration, however I much enjoy the red and silver label that's a stark comparison to the almost black bottle. I still feel the design consists only of carefully positioned text that avoids becoming disarrayed, but now I find that the sparkling visuals provides too much for the eyes to digest, resulting in something I often reference; clutter.

Eric's Goji Cola pours out a dark brown and it emits a scent similar to butterscotch. The flavour begins with a mild burnt sugar taste that quickly lessens to allow focus on what resembles a cherry cola body. What I referenced as cherry is actually the goji, however there's a lack of any authenticity, which causes the goji to easily be perceived as a synthetic dressing of an artificial cherry flavour. But that doesn't mean that the cherry has detectable depth, as it's muddled and veiled within the cola taste, and while it has a noticeable sweetness, it doesn't candy the fruit but rather it unfortunately gives it a syrupy characteristic. The cola taste is more etiolated than I deem appropriate, and the actual flavour has blunt notes of vanilla and impotent amounts of orange. The former of the two doesn't have a creamy quality nor does the beverage provide a suitable sugariness for it, which causes the vanilla to feel enervated and carelessly crafted. The orange has a certain taste of its own zest, which while faint does diffuse some much desired intricacy. The cola lacks a key acidity that's prevalent with sodas of such flavour, and adding insult to injury it's also deficient of any spices; even one or two innocuous suggestions would have been appreciated. The vitiated carbonation doesn't do the cola any favours, either, which in itself doesn't publicize anywhere near the same degree of complexity of the previous line variety. Overall, Eric's Goji Berry Cola's stupefyingly distracted flavour was asphyxiated of creativity, and it was disappointing to say the least.

Once I had fully consumed the bottle's contents, I received a buzz only lasting two hours. I had no jitters and there wasn't a crash following, however the kick was just lacking. Each bottle contains: caffeine, guarana, ginseng, and vitamin B3. In the end and unless you couldn't already tell, I'm not a fan of Eric's Famous Goji Berry Energy Cola.

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Eric said...

First, I gotta say your review is really accurate. That particular batch was our initial attempt to balance all the natural herbs, goji berries and cola spices. Despite that, people generally liked it. After much trial and error, we've got it dialed in now...look for the silver caps. Thanks for your review!

Eric's Famous Energy

jamesm66 said...

You are like a film critic who berates a flick - but everyone else loves it - HHHMMMMM......

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