Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slap Crisp Apple Energy Drink Review

Green, silver, and a graphite-like black make up the colour concoction to Slap Crisp Apple's can, and the trilogy really livens the improved design and brings out its full potential. But don't go getting the idea that I feel the can is perfect, though, but I am hailing it as a much improvement over the earlier look. The text is mild though slightly busy towards the bottom, but for the most part the words are necessary. The silver and asphalt colour balancing works well, and especially pairs with the green of the logo. But speaking of which, I do dislike that the word "Slap" is written in two lines, as I feel it breaks up the drink's otherwise well done fluidity.

While I'm unsure if it too has been redone, Slap Crisp Apple's flavour starts with a low level tartness that alludes then is wholly followed by a mild melting pot of various apple varieties. The main variety is red delicious, albeit an interpretation that isn't as distinctly robust as it naturally is, and the fruit has a mild sweetness. Another variety that participates is the Jazz apple, however it's mostly braided with a bit of a golden ginger. The former provides a crisp juiciness and doesn't suffer from the drink's humble sweetness, and the latter gives faint spiced depth to the flavour as a whole. It spikes enough identity into the two; keeping the complex layering of slight tastes from blandly blending together. The experience has a mint suggestion that's buried deeply within the fruitiness, but it has a distinct presence that surprisingly bonds well with it. The experience is rather light on your palate, and unless you deeply view each passing sip with careful diligence, then the complexity could, and probably will, go without the appreciation that it deserves.

The beverage still provides an impressive kick despite the redesign. I had a solid four hour buzz that was laced lightly of jitters. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), guarana, taurine, and a variety of B vitamins. All in all, Slap Crisp Apple's reinvented appearance can now finally match the quality of the taste and kick.

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