Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thinq Mixed Berry Energy Drink Review

Thinq Mixed Berry forces a lot at the consumer at first glance, whether it's the uselessly misspelled name or the rather attractive slim can. But all this peculiarity gives the brand some appreciated identity, and even though isn't all perfect, the large majority is. True, some text doesn't feel wholly required, and sure, you could(or should) be getting more ounces than just twelve, but its sleek personality just happened to tickle my fancy today.

Grape cough syrup pheromones smacked my nose when the screw on lid came off, which thankfully is nothing like what each sip tastes like. It's only mildly sweet, although pleasingly so, with sugar malnutrition never occurring to the “mixed berry” generalization. Out of the broad blend, multiple coloured fruits are present, namely the black and blue ones, but there's also some red and blue raspberry to taste, all holding hands but never hugging; each feels adequately related but never enough to blur into one. I will state my surprise with the mysterious lack of tartness, something that's expected with at least several of the few fruits involved. Things are only slightly carbonated, far tamer than your typical sparkling beverage, but it's enough to spice up this impressively juice-like drink.

This isn't exactly an energy drink, per se, but with it containing undisclosed amounts of caffeine and labeling itself as both a “focus” and “mood” enhancer, it does qualify as one in my book. There's also ginseng, ginkgo, some B vitamins and other stuff, and the kick was nothing out of the usual two hour realm. Overall, Thinq Mixed Berry is a dually confused and confusing drink that's nonetheless enjoyable.

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