Monday, March 14, 2016

Shock Wave Energy Drink Review

Shock Wave is the Speedway convenience store's official energy drink, in case its boring baby blue textured can, complete with generic swirls and name, did not give it away. If the design does anything right, it would be how clean it is; there is a refreshing lack of clutter or distraught.

Shocking the world, this is not a Red Bull clone; kudos Speedway for parodying another, albeit lesser known, drink. Every sip is seeped in passion fruit, mango, and orange, a cocktail of fruits most akin to NOS, although with its harsh, trademark bite replaced by an undercurrent of lemon and guava. Sacchariferous and sour, both work for the drink as a whole and not a particular sapor, a sickly and syrupy sugariness practically purely high fructose corn syrup, sixty five grams of the stuff! On the tartness side of things, it is a mild one, an acidity barely there, and only there seemingly for a slight relief of the extreme, child-cooler-like saccharinity. Each gulp is cluttered with the myriad of tastes tasted without an explicit hierarchy, no sole flavor overpowering another, birthing an experience playful and chaotic in a market saturated with safe, one-note, and boring beverages.

Each can contains: inositol, ginseng, B vitamins, and 160 milligrams of caffeine. The kick reminds you of its store-brand origins more so than the taste, lasting two hours, and all the aforementioned sugar giving one hell of a sugar crash. To end, Shock Wave is considerably less generic than initially believed; take that for what you will, however.


Anonymous said...

My husband buys a case a week of the tea and lemonade Shockwave. Its all he drinks, lol

Unknown said...

I grabbed a can of the sugar-free Blue Rush just to try it out. I'M HOOKED!

Anonymous said...

This stuff does absolutely zero for me, but it does waste my points. I'll be sticking with the bull for sure, but I do one can a week of the bull. Not a big fan of any of it.

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