Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power Energy Toothpaste Review

Power Energy Toothpaste is a caffeinated, well, toothpaste, a first according to the back of the packaging, and the only one reviewed here; if that is not unique, I do not know what is! Its tube is a petite little thing, resembling your average travel-sized variety, complete with a minimal design with a fun, lightning-bolt toothbrush graphic. However, the plastic case's best feature is its slogan: "get a rush while you brush."

Going with a manual and electric toothbrush, Power Toothpaste's minty toothpaste was experienced across several levels of "dirty" mouth; upon waking up in the morning, and after eating. Revving the electric toothbrush, the paste for your tooth disintegrates well and moves fast to coat your chompers in minty goodness; a potent peppermint flavor that works unsurprisingly well with the grainy mouthfeel. Using a manual brush, things are no different. There is all the artificial sweetness to all commercial toothpastes present, achieved here via xylitol and magnasweet with a slight bite of caffeine bitterness. Its texture while not brushing is stiff, resembling chunky marshmallow creme, stickiness and all. Both morning and post-meal breathe were neutralized after brushing with the peasized amount, at least I felt so; persuading someone to smell your breath twice is harder than it sounds. With Red Bull the most common energy drink, Power Toothpaste could have gone that route with its flavor, instead of its mintiness. Its taste is generic for what it is, but for what it is, it is tasty.

Caffeine is all we get here, and only in the nebulous "similar to coffee" or something crap description on the back of the tube. The internet calls for 106 mg of caffeine per mL, which is an impressive amount and something they should plaster all over promotions. Each use certainly perked me up, with a buzz about an hour in length with each two minute brushing session. Overall, buyers beware, Power Toothpaste will make you want to invest in a good toothbrush.

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