Saturday, February 27, 2016

Red Bull the Orange Edition Energy Drink Review

In an odd turn of events, the pale Red Bull Zero Orange has received a full-sugar brethren. Its can remains identical save for silver and orange swapping places; this makes things considerably easier to read, however its name is just as stupid as calling it "Orange Bull," although that is a mistake they made at the line's conception.

"The Taste of Tangerine" the can reads; several sips in, and I am still waiting. The flavor is as familiar as any orange soda, but with a few pleasant surprises that make it (mostly) its own. The usual extreme sugariness is traded for a more robust tartness, though the thirty eight grams of sucrose still honey things up to a sometimes sickly degree. Sips are loaded with all the orangey-goodness you would expect from the color of the can, though there is a slight hint of blood orange livening every few imbibes, and the belated tangerine's even more rare appearance extends each quaff's complexity. There is a clout of clogged syrupy sweetness as the can nears the completion of its short twelve ounces, and although none of the gulps ever resemble the flavor that ugly bull is known for popularizing, it seems that orange remains the hardest flavor to mess up; in other words, this wholly-generic experience is pretty good.

Your reward from the 160 calories of expensive orange-soda is an unimpressive kick, one lasting under two hours. Each can contains: B vitamins, caffeine (114 milligrams), and taurine. All in all, Red Bull the Orange Edition is their best edition. Or at least, one of the better.

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