Wednesday, May 28, 2014

energems Peanut Butter Energy Chocolate Review

The energems chocolaty trilogy ends with this peanut butter variety, arguably the flavor most looked forward to. Unappetizing illustrations and vulgar orange obsession, the box should be hid from the eye and kept on the palm, where the dual glossy and matte texture is satisfactory, and tiny enough to fit in even the smallest shirt pocket.

Nine giant disks topple out, dull and cracked with none of the regalness the container has. The fragile candy coating shatters as the chocolate center melts into a gooey pool never resembling peanut butter. The most the tasty cocoa candy ever gets to Reese's is with a vague nuttiness, indistinct and disappointing. Every morsel decidedly lacks any peanut butteriness, although it is otherwise a pretty darn good energy chocolate.

All nine energems contains: caffeine (225 mg), taurine, B vitamins, and l-theanine. I am not gonna lie; the entire box was scoffed down as one mouthful, and the buzz lasted an admiral three and a half hours. energems Peanut Butter disappoints, satisfying on every front but packs zero "wow" factor.

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