Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Muscle Monster Peanut Butter Cup Energy Shake Review

Boring is never a good word to describe an energy drink can, so let me use another one; how's 'bout banal? Mundane? Platitudinous? Any way the industry giant's marketing department cuts it, they cannot use my lyrics to endorse their candy-flavored product.

Foul odors join forces with an overall unappetizing flavor concept to create something not all that bad. Things are more peanut butter-esque than explicitly based, with little of the creamy wonder that is jelly's best friend. In its place, there is the gelatinous syrup of milk and cream and the deadened sweetness of both real and synthetic sugars. This unknown variety tastes minimally different from any in its gluttonous line; so while the overarching experience here is never vexing, not truly resembling the sandwich staple marks this disappointingly indistinguishable.

Ginseng, taurine, guarana, B vitamins, protein, vitamin C and 157 milligrams of caffeine result in a middling buzz lasting roughly three hours. All in all, with nothing unique to this anonymous variety in this unknowingly expanding line, Muscle Monster Peanut Butter Cup is no Reese's.

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