Thursday, June 5, 2014

aquadopa Energy Drink Review

'Beyond energy.' 'Herbal Supplement.' 'Lightly caffeinated.' These ambiguous expressions line the small can of the new drink, aquadopa, one destined to be labeled as just another energy drink. Why? Despite its loving endorsement of "l-dopa," it comes in a bullet can, like an energy drink; claims to provide focus, motivation and drive, like an energy drink; and contains many of the usual supplement suspects found in, well, an energy drink.

Smelling sharply of chemicals and coffee, this caramel colored brew explodes out of the can after a vigorous shake. And since you already have spilled some, just go ahead and dump the rest down the drain. Thick and without effervescence, sips struggle as the sordid sludge slides stiffly down your gagging throat. We taste nothing we want to, only the herbal grossness of sour ginseng and bitter green tea. We providentially have real sugar, twenty grams of the sweet stuff, however it combats the ugly flavors and loses instantly. Many times, these eight ounce cans are a disappointment, but with aquadopa, it is a blessing.

Each can contains: l-dopa, caffeine, ginseng, ginkgo, ginger, taurine, and quercetin. For energy, you receive a decent bump, lasting around an hour and a half. There are bad energy products, then there are awful ones. And then there are ones where you need to brush your teeth afterward. This is one such beverage. With all do respect to Roger Ebert; aquadopa, your drink sucks.

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