Friday, June 13, 2014

Rockstar Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

This moot remake offers no real difference from its past look. An updated logo and a thicker stroke mark much of the minor modifications to this hardly refurbished variety, twenty less calories a can with less personality than before. Bleached visuals still not fun to look at, there is much going on despite all its openness, a can that just screams for something of a background.

With the mouthfeel of syrup, this exhausting experience is sixteen ounces too long. Each sip burns with the potent artificiality of ace-k and sucralose, a sweetener system so dimensionlessly persuasive and cacophonic it is a sight for sore palates. A Red Bull clone this is almost not, the obese fluid debuts a single taste, only a most ersatz vanilla flavor so unconvincing and obscene it somehow commands past all the feigned sugariness. Nothing fresh or even remotely pedestrian here, this antiquated abhorrent agglomeration of every pity quality of every crap energy drink misfires on all cylinders.

Each can contains: caffeine (160 milligrams), inositol, guarana, taurine, B vitamins, and L-carnitine. The buzz is mediocre but functional, lasting three hours without a crash. Dear Rockstar, no matter how many times you update and modify, this drink will always sucks.

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haha do you leave any positive reviews?

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