Friday, February 8, 2013

Rockstar Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Easily the bleakest appearing drink in quite some time, Rockstar Sugar Free is all too proud of being low calorie. Entirely white, the background allows for all things else to stand out sharply, but the emptiness looks all too unintentional and the can feels incomplete.

The flavour is disgustingly sweet and forcefully fake, a taste that resembles apples and vanilla only in theory. They sit heavily on the palate and do not wipe clean with each thick sip; a gummy viscosity that chokes the drinker with every bad habit of any bad Red Bull clone. The saccharinity intensifies within the stiffened syrup, a sugariness that tastes artificial out of stupidity and ignorance rather than out of purpose. The ice cold beverage quickly warms with misfortune, clotting the already coagulated experience into one that urges the drinker to quit what they opened. Each faltered exposure to this importunate variety has only the pleasure of knowing that the end to the martyrdom is one gulp closer.

While there are those weaker, 160 milligrams of caffeine is not up to snuff with most varieties in the line. The buzz lasted somewhere around three hours, a standard kick that is actually the product's highlight. Overall, with numerous other Rockstars doing so much more, the company should just end this outdated disaster.

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Jesse Goron said...

I don't think I ever drink an energy drink expecting it to taste natural. I enjoy the overly artificial flavour of Rockstar Sugar Free.

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