Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great Value Energy Berry Blast Drink Enhancer Review

Wal Mart is flooding shelf space with all these haste MiO clones, especially ones that are not based around the same flavors. Sure, the popular brand will probably one day offer a variety under a name not unlike "Berry Blast," but they currently have only two energy flavors; so just what is the department store's inspiration here?!

Purple lighter than anywhere on the packaging, two squeezes taste like grape Kool-Aid mixed by someone in the water industry: largely diluted and hardly resembling fruits thusly. But the addition of a third brings some unexpected depth and strength to the punch, tasting most notably like grape and blackberry. The triplex of splashes dye the aqua not far off from the lower right hand of the bottle. But when I introduced a fourth spit is where the flavor begins to flounder, a dull glare from fruits artificial tasting despite being born from "natural flavors." There is far from enough intricacy to this berry union, with even new notices of raspberry not supplying enough variation a sip. At a quaternity of sprays, the texture is thick and sweet beyond just cloying, something that was far from a problem a squirt ago. Overall, we can only assume that if this was based on an actual MiO flavor, it would be a qualityless imitation, as on its own it fares no better.

There is fifty milligrams of caffeine a serving, taurine, ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins too. From four total, the kick lasted right under four hours, but its strength and length are customizable. On the whole, Great Value's most recent experiment definitely should have had more time in the lab.

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, I completely enjoyed this and ended up buying 10 of them and am saving tons of money on buying energy drinks. You get more servings per bottle than mio and for a dollar less. Add it to orange juice and it's really great.

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