Monday, February 4, 2013

Kabang Apple Energy Candy Review

Pocket and conveniently sized, this small candy is as about attractive and professional as possible. Sure, the lack of caffeine is poorly reported, but everything is neat with appreciatively trim text.

The large candy sticks to one's teeth with glee, and cracks to unleash the now expected cascade of fizzy pleasure. But it is an artifice that cannot blind us to the indigent apple flavor. It is without nuance and tartness, appropriately sweet for both a candy and fruit, but this really is something of a missed opportunity. Do not fall under the impression that this confection is disgusting; you most certainly would not mind having another once the effervescent experience ends. But the packaging was opened with honest excitement, and was trashed with unfulfilled expectations.

Ginseng, and B vitamins are present, but that is hardly enough to provide much of a kick. In the end, Kabang Apple is an energy candy that fails in both categories.

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