Saturday, February 2, 2013

LiveWire Sour Apple Energy Chew Review

Sour apple is a logical extension from the company, considering its history of fruity flavors. The emphasis on acidity should also guise the caffeine well, however we will find out how well it accomplishes that in a bit. Until then we must review the packaging, which is largely the same as past versions, and suffers from the same successes and pitfalls.

There is the moldy scent of plastic and rotten fruit, an unwelcoming scent that is thankfully nothing like the taste. The anticipated apple is far from the company's best though, a distracted and unexciting flavor that is not nearly as sour as hoped. There still is not any bitterness, but each of the few bites offered hardly resemble the autumn harvest. It is about as generic a flavor could be, void of any nuance or complexity. Although the chews are never unpleasant, they demonstrate just how difficult the fruit is to replicate in either the candy and energy realm, let alone when the two cross paths.

Each chew embodies: B vitamins, ginseng, and caffeine (ninety milligrams). Two candies kick competently, three to four hours of quick-hitting energy that did end with a bit of a crash. All around, with the LiveWire line just beginning to get good, this Sour Apple Energy edition is a big disappointment.

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