Monday, July 23, 2012

Mtn Dew Dark Berry Review

Released just in time for the Dark Knight Rises like a cheap licensed video game (though ironically none for this film), Mtn Dew Dark Berry simply sounds rushed. Its name, despite the catchy alliteration, should end with "Blast," and describes a product no different from the countless other varieties pumped out to stores, and the dark purple pulp is not helping its case. The packaging is not especially cluttered but not particularly attractive either, looking all too much like your usual movie tie-in.

Mtn Dew Dark Berry tastes uninspiredly identical to the previously released Voltage, a drink I found good enough to win the first DEWmocracy but not worth cloning. Raspberry is namely tasted, perhaps with some grape to boot, but everything here is decidedly one-dimensional. They show no tartness, but are surprisingly only mildly sweet, never too much or ever syrupy despite the steep seventy seven grams of high fructose corn syrup. The kind carbonation was rather refreshing, and the familiar flavor was quite quaffable, but there is nothing here we have not had before.

In addition to the aforementioned sugar content, each fattening bottle has 290 calories and ninety one milligrams of caffeine. But since there are beverages with more everything, there is really little remarkable here. Overall, Mtn Dew Dark Berry is an unforgivably unimaginative drink, absolutely not worth its motion picture sponsoring or remembering a second time.

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