Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AMP Focus Mixed Berry Energy Drink Review

Originally known as "Elevate," this reduced sugar revision loses a lot of text, but doing so it loses some surprising personality. The first can was nothing great on its own, and I would certainly hail this as an improvement, however there simply is nothing unique or interesting about this new functional look. The blue does work this recent design well though, best since Boost Cherry rocked it a few months back.

The first few sip sport a zesty carbonation, almost rough and almost unpleasant. Soon that mellows, and the flavour then births, tasting largely of cranberry with the peculiarities of raspberry embellishing the former. It is puckeringly tart but coyly sweetened, and although the fruits lack the depth to evince authenticity, they do not have the saccharinity to take the candied route. They just sit stupidly on your tongue, never offensive flavours who simply never find the motivation to motivate the drinker. Pomegranate can also be tasted, as can some blueberry, and while these berries taste as shallow as the prior, they give the beverage some dimension even if all the flavours involved do not individually. It is not a complicated experience, but it was never a bad one.

Each can contains: caffeine(159mg), taurine, guarana, some B vitamins, choline, and theanine. This formulation is interesting but its potency is dull, with the kick lasting nothing above the three hour mark. Overall, Focus Mixed Berry is one of the best of the renovated line because the original was just that of its line.

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