Friday, July 27, 2012

Golazo Jamaica Energy Drink Review

The last Golazo to be had, Jamaica is a hibiscus punch who will hopefully restore my pride in the line. The original flavor, a mango-lime experiment, was a pleasant beverage who unfairly shares the brand with the bitter sugar free and dry orange varieties. But things do indeed begin well, with a can sporting a pleasant red that brings out the natural energy of the design.

Jamaica closes the line with a strawberry dominate elixir complete with dull carbonation. There are some subtle nuances of guava and tangerine, but most notable is the herbaceous bite likely linked to the hibiscus extract and Stevia serviced. And although ignorable here, it is reminiscent of the artificiality in a sugar free beverage; forgivable but only to a point. Thankfully there are only twelve ounces, and the infirm effervescence makes for a short experience. There is no tartness and not much dimension to the fruits, really this is a simple punch who, although tasting quite different from others, is nothing particularly special. Actually, it is hardly even mediocre.

Ninety calories, 100 milligrams of caffeine, guarana, yerba mate, and D-ribose provides a standard two hours of energy. On the whole, Golazo Jamaica finishes the line only adequately, unable to recreate the success of the flagship variety.

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