Thursday, December 20, 2012

Real Beanz Iced Coffee Cappuccino Energize Review

A wordy and awkwardly organized name, this Real Beanz Iced Coffee Cappuccino Energize (if that is your real name) comes in a hefty glass bottle wrapped with a clean design. It is a bit unexciting however, but the matte blue and otherwise thoughtfully exact text give things a premium, organic quality.

Notes of chocolate burst through the medium roast coffee flavor, creamed fairly successfully concerning taste but feels a tad thin on the tongue. This makes the joe very easy to drink; a few distracted sips and before you it you will be left with an empty bottle. Most forceful is sweetness, twenty five grams of saccharine simplicity that masks any of the bitterness black drinkers drink black for. This is not black coffee however, but that does not excuse its omitted depth. The decoction is missing the robust body of the traditional espresso shot found in cappuccinos, and without any steamed milk foam, this confused concoction is more of a chain-brewed iced coffee than anything.

Caffeine, guarana, ginseng, yerba mate, and B vitamins are the ingredients to the fairly stock energy blend. The buzz lasts two and a half hours, perhaps even three, one of decent strength and without a crash. In the end, this certainly is not a grody beverage, actually quite the opposite, but we expect a little more knowledge about coffee next time.

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